i patch device recording

This investigation involves recording your heart rhythm over a selected period of time e.g. 1-14 days. It is carried out as an outpatient procedure so you take the monitor home attached to you.

This investigation is normally requested if you are having symptoms of intermittent palpitations or unexplained collapse. The heart produces tiny electrical impulses which cause the heart muscle to contract, these impulses can be detected and recorded by an ECG. This test may be recommended to help diagnose symptoms such as infrequent palpitations.

How is it done?

The i patch device is attached to the upper left region of your chest and remains there for up to 14 days.

Can I continue with normal activities whilst wearing the ECG recorder?

You will be asked to keep to your normal routine and do any activity that would normally bring on your symptoms.

There are no wires attached to the unit, it is a small lightweight device which you wear whilst sleeping, exercise and you can shower.

What will the test show?

The unit is very effective at detecting irregular heart rhythms as it records every heartbeat from the moment it is attached to the point of removal.

It will show your physician any abnormalities in the rhythm that may be causing your symptoms. It can show if your heart races too fast (palpitations) and also if your heart is going too slow (dizziness/collapse).

This data will help your physician in making a diagnosis. Sometimes further investigations are recommended as a result of the findings.

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